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The Evolution of Psychiatry
by Gene Zimmer

To arrive at a true understanding of what psychiatry is one needs to understand its methods and historically how these methods evolved. The word "evolution" often implies a process leading to and arriving at "higher", "advanced" or "improved" conditions, but this is not at all true when dealing with psychiatry. The purpose here is to closely look at the gradual development of the theories and methods of psychiatry.

The old psychiatric institutions at the turn of the century (insane asylums) give us the earliest look at psychiatry's barbaric practices. These institutions were basically prisons where the "insane" were kept (or anyone who a "certified" doctor would label as "insane"). Holes were drilled in the heads of patients to relieve "brain pressure", but before that it was done by the same practitioners to "exorcise demons". Cages were installed on the heads of patients. Straight jackets, restraining tables, and shackles were common. Common therapies were "hosing down" the patients and spinning them round and round on a chair. In an attempt to rearrange their bad brain atoms? While psychiatry continued to develop newer methods, these were always oppressive and based on nothing even remotely approaching any legitimate concept of "science".

The methods employed have always and ONLY involved FORCE applied to the human being to alter behavior. Electric shock was one of their first "major advances" in dealing with psychotics and schizophrenics. Notice psychiatry has NEVER attempted to address the mind or life of the person with an aim towards helping them become more sane, responsible, productive, self-determined and happy. This has absolutely nothing to do with their approach and never has. Studying the history of psychiatry makes this very obvious. The notion of "help" and "curing" is a recent addition that has been tacked onto the subject in an attempt to gain acceptance, respectability and above all financial success - psychiatry is basically a "business" venture.

ECT - Electric Shock

ECT was "discovered" when Ugo Cerletti, psychiatrist, visited a Rome slaughterhouse to see what could be learned from the method that was employed to butcher hogs. In Cerletti's own words, "As soon as the hogs were clamped by the [electric] tongs, they fell unconscious, stiffened, then after a few seconds they were shaken by convulsions.... During this period of unconsciousness (epileptic coma), the butcher stabbed and bled the animals without difficulty....

"At this point I felt we could venture to experiment on man, and I instructed my assistants to be on the alert for the selection of a suitable subject."

Cerletti's first victim was provided by the local police - a man described by Cerletti as "lucid and well-oriented." After surviving the first blast without losing consciousness, the victim overheard Cerletti discussing a second application with a higher voltage. He begged Cerletti, "Non una seconda! Mortifierel" ("Not another one! It will kill me!")

Ignoring the objections of his assistants, Cerletti increased the voltage and duration and fired again. With the "successful" electrically induced convulsion of his victim, Ugo Cerletti brought about the application of hog-slaughtering skills to humans, creating one of the most brutal techniques of psychiatry.

The field of psychiatry, similar to modern psychology, observes animal reactions and applies them to people. First, this is absurd, unless you believe yourself to be an animal. Yes, we each have a body that is "animal" in nature, but additionally, we have a quite different aspect - consciousness. There is no animal anywhere, which has human thought, creative imagination, will, intention or personal responsibility. These "human" qualities are what distinguish us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It is a MAJOR difference. This difference has been very much ignored and forgotten by "modern" psychiatric and psychological theories and practices. These two subjects view you completely as a biochemical "beast" subject to genetic, physiological and environmental influences alone. YOU, the person, have been very much relegated to a level of no importance. This should scare any sensible person, because every decent thing has ONLY been the result of individual creative people using their minds, imagination, humanity and personal responsibility. Animals never have and never will exhibit these qualities. Psychiatry's methods are removing these qualities from the equation of Man and his civilizations. This can never have positive results. Worse, psychiatric methods, by their very nature, harm and inhibit these basic human mental functions and qualities.

With ECT, what psychiatry did was observe PIG SLAUGHTERING. Ugo went to a slaughterhouse to "see what he could learn". Why? How? What does slaughtering pigs have to do with human behavior or the human mind? What depraved stream of logic has this "make sense"? This was the start of the "therapy" known as ECT. This, in itself, should clearly display the absurdity of psychiatric methods. Psychiatry is the originator of the "straight jacket" and "physical restraints". The nature of the treatments historically are rooted in force exerted on an individual to inhibit unwanted behaviors and actions. The key method used is always FORCE. To reiterate, there has never been any attempt by psychiatry to address and deal with the understanding, reason, viewpoint, ideas, responsibility - or mind - of the person.

ECT replaced physical force with electrical force. But it's basically, in effect, the same thing. Overwhelm the person with enough force and his thoughts, memories and emotions get rattled enough that he undergoes a change. To assume there is some "cure" or "healing" process involved is pure stupidity. The psychiatric field has spent much time and money trying to explain, rationalize and justify their barbaric methods. They call this "research", but no verifiable chemical, electrical or biophysical "healing" has ever been detected or observed. In fact, the only definite observable result of ECT has been brain dysfunction, brain damage and memory loss, with minor to severe effects on the patient's sense of self and their life. The simple truth is that it is the "damage" that causes the changes that are called the "cure". Without the brain dysfunction or damage, no change would occur. The damage is the intentional result because it alone causes the change in the person.

Torture and brain washing techniques, researched and practiced by psychiatrists in most totalitarian regimes, involve the same methodology. Overwhelm the person with physical abuse, pain, lack of sleep, and degradation and sure enough a change in personality results. That's fine for oppressive governments and secret police, but to introduce these methods as "science" and "mental healing" in civilized societies is ridiculous. But that's exactly what has been done, and the magnitude of ridiculousness hasn't prevented mammoth funding and the ultimate acceptance of these practices by "trained professionals" and the general public. In fact, it is primarily due to the large amount of funding (by the major drug companies and governments) that psychiatry arrived at its current level of acceptance.

The psychiatric view on ECT was never to "help" the patient. It wasn't to help them deal with their problems or feel better. It was used for years to control extreme behavior. Understand this. It has always been used to control behavior, primarily behavior that  others find objectionable. That is why psychiatry is the darling of governments. Governments also love to control behavior. The concept of "mental health" came much later and was tacked onto the subject as part of a PR campaign to reduce their barbaric image with the public. This is only a facade, and they do not concern themselves at all with "health" of any kind. They are what they have always been - an oppressive practice utilizing force to alter behavior.

You could just as well whack a patient in the head with a baseball bat until they were shaken up enough to alter their behavior. There is much evidence that the trauma of ECT is quite similar to that of head injury and it is this damage alone that causes the results. Any change or apparent "cure" is the result of damage to the brain. Destruction of brain cells, harm to brain blood vessels, and altered EEG readings are common with ECT.

At some point the psychiatrist observed some patient's commenting that their "depression" or "mania" wasn't as bad or had gone away. Their memories and personality were also often drastically altered, but hey, it was "working". Why don't we try drowning? Drown a person until the point of death, resuscitate them, and observe the changes. I would bet there would be changes. Some of the changes might even appear "desirable". Or how about torturing a person until their entire personality "falls apart", and then "rebuild it" from scratch. The person might say they "feel better". Actually, psychiatrists have already done this. They applied brainwashing and torture techniques in an attempt to regain family members who had become involved in "religious groups" ("cults" to them), which the family members didn't like - this is commonly known as deprogramming. It's brutal. It's forceful. It never appeals to the viewpoint of the person themselves. It is behavioral modification per the requests of others (the family). This is another example of psychiatry using force to exact compliance to the wishes of another regarding how they feel the person should behave.

This has always been the modus operandi of psychiatry - apply force to alter behavior according to someone's idea of what "correct behavior" is. They have tried to slither away from this perception of themselves by concentrating on "mental illnesses" and "disorders". They attempt to make it seem they are concerned with the "individual person" and their "health". This is more charade because their methods remain exactly the same, no matter what they say and promote.

The experimenting "scientific" psychiatrist then continued his "research" by trying different types of shocking, with different levels or current, voltage, and electrodes. Maybe they'll find the "perfect treatment", or so they say. What they have been doing, and continue to do on the public is "human experimentation". They will use arguments such as, "we must forget about all archaic moral concerns and freely test on humans if we are ever to truly understand what we are and how we work". This is the same logic used by Nazi medical experimenters like the butcher Mengele. It always leads to the same degraded and barbaric place. And it always parades itself as "modern", "advanced", "scientific" and "highly intelligent". It is none of these. (See The Errors of Modern Science and the Human Mind.)

Never at any point during the evolution of ECT has there been the slightest knowledge of how or why ECT does what it does. There are many theories and beliefs, all of which are false, and the simple truth is that it overwhelms the patient with electrical energy, jumbles his mind and emotions, and alters one's personality (due in large part to the brain damage). In this degraded society, misled and miseducated by large medical and financial interests, these solutions make "sense". They make sense the same way burning witches at the stake made sense to religious intolerants and brain washing and torture made sense to Chinese Communists.

Modern psychology has failed completely to solve the problems of the mind. Following this failure, it chose to neglect and ignore the mind as a factor in its investigation, theories and practices. Thought, will, imagination, desire, attention, intention, and personal responsibility and control are part of the mind, and these have all been neglected and finally discarded in modern psychology's and psychiatry's absurd development. What is left is controlling behavior through force. It is questionable whether these subjects honestly or seriously ever attempted to research the mind and come up with workable solutions, because once large financial interests entered the scene in the early part of the century the direction of all research was aimed only at purely biophysical theories and methods. There was no profit in understanding and helping the mind directly. There was and is tremendous profits in drugs. This has had disastrous results to Man and society.

That these forceful methods sometimes result in an "improved" condition, even to the patient subjectively implies nothing. Again, if you hit 20 people in the head with baseball bats, most likely a few would believe themselves to be "improved" afterwards. But where's the "therapy"? Where's the "cure"? And, sadly, there are always harmful side-effects with their methods.

Why is it they only concentrate on methods that apply force? They could just as well do extensive testing with 1) meditation, 2) visualization techniques, 3) daily walks in the park or country, 4) daily singing, 5) purposeful laughing, or 6) education into one's mind with the idea of accepting and taking personal responsibility for it.. They could do controlled studies, monitor the results, and see what changes occur. There would be obvious positive changes. Yes, it's hard to monitor what people do with their minds and whether they are applying the techniques properly, but it could be figured out. But they haven't and never will try anything like this. The field is 100% biased for a biomedical approach to everything. Why? Because the major drug companies and affiliated universities and colleges support and indoctrinate ONLY in this direction. It's not honest, open-minded research. It's restrictive research designed to only guarantee profits. Psychiatry is a part of the field of medicine, and modern medicine teaches and practices almost entirely in the direction of drugs and addressing only symptoms (not underlying causes of any illness or problem).

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Lobotomy is a surgical practice where parts of the frontal lobes are intentionally destroyed. Violent criminals calm down, highly depressed people don't seem so depressed any longer, and manics finally mellow out. But they wander aimlessly, drool uncontrollably, and have very little left of whatever "personality" they once had. If the goal is calm, quiet, and "nice" people, then it's a roaring success. But look at the trade-off.

The goal of these "treatments" NEVER has been to HELP a human being come to terms with their own problems, feel better, live better, achieve happiness and succeed in life.

It's amazing to me that a civilized society could actually conduct such experiments on its fellow human beings, believing any good could come of them. Very likely the crazed psychotic who previously saw spiders crawling all over his body no longer does, or at least his mind is so dulled that he no longer cares and is unable to communicate about it. He also is useless as a human being - to himself and to others. Where's the "cure"? Where's the "imporvement" (to him or her)? Who's kidding who? The only benefit is to the psychiatric and drug industries. Money and power.

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Psychiatry's Barbaric History

This is the ideological and methodological route of psychiatry. As a "profession" this is what they did. What they do today is a natural and complete outgrowth of the early dehumanizing and barbaric practices.

You can put a psychiatrist through college, put a suit on him, and teach him to act polite at dinner parties, but he is and always has been a barbaric criminal reveling in the control and harm he exerts on his fellow human beings.

Explain it away however you like, but this is the bare fact of the matter. Nazi SS officers were also probably very polite at parties and kind to other people. They probably even told hilarious jokes - on the way to turning on the gas in the gas chambers. Not surprisingly, psychiatry had much to do with Nazi practices of experimentation and genocide.

Psychiatrists also routinely, year after year, make up the lower third of the graduating class of any college or medical school. They couldn't cut it with the full medical curriculum. Simply, they are the dumbest. This shouldn't surprise anyone. Also, intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with humanity, decency or compassion. Highly intelligent people can be complete brutes and uneducated people can be extremely decent. Don't make the mistake of assuming "science" or apparent intelligence implies decency. It never has and sadly, it probably never will.

One needs to cut through all the years of miseducation and PR of the psychiatric industry and drug companies to get an actual "feel" for what is happening here. It is legalized barbarism parading as "modern science" and "innovative medical techniques". It's a multi-million dollar industry. A lot of money is being made on the pain, suffering and ultimate harm of the general public subjected to their erroneous ideas and practices.

Psychiatric Drugs

Psychiatric drugs are no different and follow the same approach and line of thinking. Thorazine was used in mental hospitals in the 50's to handle the same psychotics, violent criminals and schizophrenics. Again, the subject of psychology had completely failed at investigating and solving the problems that mind's have, so they forgot about it, and continued applying force as their only solution. Overwhelming the patient was and still is the only thing that creates any effect on the patient, euphemistically called a "cure". Thorazine was called the "chemical lobotomy" because the effects were similar to the brain surgery techniques - quiet, aimless, drooling patients. The psychiatrists themselves coined the term, the "thorazine shuffle", which denoted the feet-dragging of the patients following their state of drug-induced oblivion. The effects were often permanent and caused obvious brain damage. But again, heh, the patient was "better". He didn't rant, scream, run around crazily or ramble on anymore. Usually he wasn't even "there" anymore - his personality was shattered. This was another of psychiatry's "brilliant" solutions to certain of man's problems. And as usual, they had no idea how the drug even "worked". They ignore the mind, believe it not to exist, and destroy it in the process. And some people call this "science".

The problem psychiatry and the drug companies had was how to get involved in and profit from the general public. Up to then they were primarily involved in state mental hospitals and severe conditions of violent criminals and psychosis. They came up with the concept of "mental health" and slowly crept into every aspect of modern society. This involved years of PR campaigns, funding colleges and universities with attractive grants, and developing a seemingly logical "science". The "science" didn't develop as a natural evolution of man's search for knowledge. It developed only from profit motivation, and to hell with everything else.

Every single drug that psychiatry has "developed" has been a complete experiment on human beings. To this day they have no idea how or why drugs have the effects they do. The drugs ALL have numerous harmful side-effects including violence, suicide, anxiety, sweating, rashes, memory dysfunction, cognitive impairment, emotional numbing and nervousness, to name a few. Their only suggestion is, "discontinue the drug if you experience any of these symptoms to a marked degree". They have no idea who will react adversely or to what degree. They simply don't know. This is a "science"? No, this is a farce. Legitimate "science" enables prediction. When it comes to psychiatric drug side-effects it's largely a matter of guessing, "give it a try, hope for the best, and let's see what happens". This is not "science".

The way research is done is as follows. They examine the chemical compound of other earlier drugs, and play around with the formulas coming up with new variations. They give them new and fancy names like Xanax, Prozac and Haldol. They even sound "scientific". They must come up with new formulations because once a patent expires, the formula can be used by anyone, and the possibility of large profits disappears. So they need to develop new slight variations that can be patented. They then test them on animals first to see if they "calm", "sedate" and "control" behavior. Do you actually think they ask the animals, "do you feel happy", "is life easier to handle now", "how is your memory", "do you feel more in control", or "do you feel more able to achieve your goals"? They observe and deal ONLY with animal behavior, and that's ALL they also ever aim at addressing in humans - behavior.

Once this is determined they test them on humans. Realize they have never had the slightest understanding of how the drugs "work" or do what they do. It's all speculation, guessing, theories and wishful thinking. They continue their "research" in this manner in the purported attempt to find the "perfect drug" that is non-addictive with no side-effects. This entirely barbaric and "unscientific" methodology is presented as "science" by "highly educated" pharmaceutical experts and psychiatrists. It's a total sham. Sure, they have nice medical buildings, expensive equipment, wear new lab coats, and seem very knowledgeable. They act very "professional", use complex nomenclature, and believe what they say. You need to look past the slick facade and confront the raw facts of what they actually are doing.

They never can or will find any drug that will "cure" anything because every drug every created by them gets its effect by overwhelming an aspect of the person's physiology and brain chemistry. There is almost always brain dysfunction or damage with continued use. They are often addictive. The drugs obtain their "cure" through the harmful effects on the person, their brain, and their mind. Once they find a "harmless" drug, it will also have absolutely no effect, because it is the harm that is the source of the effect. That some people experience a "bettered" subjective state changes nothing. People often have more energy or feel better on speed. People claim they are more creative while under the influence of alcohol or cocaine. So what! They are on drugs. Legal or "illegal" - there's not much difference really. So much for subjective claims.

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Baseball Bats To The Head - A New Cure?

Lacking any workable valid field, which addresses and handles the mind itself, these "cures" are all there is. Again, hit 20 people in the head with a baseball bat, and some with experience lowered depression, exhilaration or improved clarity. They will always also have brain damage, memory loss, personality alterations and other known and unknown harmful side-effects, but, heh, "it gets the job done". It is a sad commentary on the level of today's society that people will willingly submit themselves to such barbaric practices out of the complete frustration they feel because of their failure to do anything with their own minds and problems. But, it's not just that. The public has been intentionally duped by the psychiatric profession, the drug companies and the modern "professional" college and university educational system for many years now.

The psychiatric field promotes these solutions as the result of "years of study, conducted by educated professionals, using state of the art research methods and technology". This is pure PR, misinformation and deception. That the majority of the psychiatrists and pharmaceutical researchers also believe it doesn't make this any less true. Although it might not be a case of intentional deception, it is surely at least a case of ignorance perpetuating itself through an extensive "educational" system, which is largely supported by the drug companies who direct the research and determine the entire approach to the subject through generous grants.

Modern psychiatry is not the result of 100 years of "caring", "honest" researchers investigating solutions for man's mind and his problems. It is the result of billions of dollars spent to institute and promulgate a false science that continues and expands the profits of major drug companies. There is nothing else to understand about it.

Governments tend to support them, in addition to their own desire to control the behavior of people, because they feel part of their job as government is to "support, encourage and promote increased commerce". Psychiatry or "mental medicine" is becoming a larger and larger aspect of any country's "commerce", and primarily out of ignorance of what is being done, the governments help them expand through their social legislation and commercial laws.

Legitimate Study of the Mind - This is NOT Psychiatry

There could be a legitimate science of the mind. It would have a goal to enable people to achieve happiness, success, serenity, peace of mind, intelligence, imagination, positive intention, responsibility, self-determinism and personal control. The subjects of psychology and psychiatry DO NOT ANYWHERE define this as a goal of their theories and practices. This should seem very strange. What is their goal then? Try to find it stated anywhere. For a subject and "science" to not have a clearly stated goal is absurd. But psychiatry does have a goal. It's the control of the behavior of people and societies.

The existing subjects that have seriously looked into the subject of the mind are labeled "weird", "quacks", "cults" and "religion" by the modern psychiatrist, scientist, materialist, atheist and humanist. I will be the first to admit these subjects are often confusing, incomplete, biased and even plain absurd in some ways. BUT, they at least acknowledge the mind and have attempted to come to some understanding of it. That's more, much more, than modern psychology or psychiatry have done. What these other fields lack in consistent workability they more than make up for in humanity. Psychiatry has neither.

You will find more truth about the mind reading one book on creative visualization, psycho-linguistics, Tony Robbins excellence training, mental Yoga, meditation, Christian Unity, Scientology, practical magic, Dianetics, or Rosicrucianism than you will in a 10 course major in psychology or psychiatry. This isn't an opinion. I took 9 courses in psych at Clark University in Auburn, Massachusetts - a major US psyche school. I got mainly A's and a few B's. After finishing the courses it was obvious to me that the subject was a joke. If you bothered to seriously investigate any of these subjects with an honest intention to ascertain the truth you would come to the same conclusion. But it's easier to watch TV, read the latest research findings in Time magazine (which come directly from the drug companies), listen to what the "authorities" say and refuse to examine and think for yourself.

These other subjects involving the mind can often be riddled with false ideas, opinions and religious associations, but if you are perceptive enough to separate the essential from the non-essential you will discover information much closer to a legitimate understanding of the mind. If the money and time spent by the psychiatric industry and drug companies in research and promotion over the past 100 years had instead been spent seriously investigating, codifying, and presenting information from all these related subjects, combined with extensive testing on their own, I venture to say you would not recognize the world we would be now living in. It would be characterized by happiness, responsibility, intelligence, awareness, sanity, minimal crime, minimal violence, and basically a world we could each be proud of. And no, it would NOT be riddled with fantasy, opinion, religious bias, coercion, intolerance or philosophical meanderings. It would be a clear, down to Earth, understandable, and able to be applied study of the mind. This is something that simply has never been done by what laughingly call themselves the "modern sciences dealing with the mind" - the modern fields of psychology and psychiatry. If you find yourself rebelling or resisting this statement it simply shows how strongly you have been indoctrinated into the "modern" view of man and the mind. Psychology and psychiatry are, more than anything else, modern belief systems, containing extensive materialistic ideology and orthodoxy parading as fact. The psychiatrists believe their ideologies as much as any deluded priest of the Spanish Inquisition. Sadly, so do most of the rest of us.

The mind has simply never been properly investigated by the existing fields with the intention to "solve it" and provide Man with a system to bring about happiness, responsibility, success, sanity and stability through a legitimate understanding and control of one's own mind. This may be hard to accept, but it is totally true. This approach is completely foreign to modern psychology and psychiatry. Looking at the definition and alteration of the meaning of the word "psychology" clearly shows this.

Profits, Power and Control

But face it, there is no profit in sane, happy responsible people. The last thing they seem to want is for anyone to have a tool they can use themselves to better their own mind, improve their own life, and create a sane society. Just as all priests never have wanted people figuring out a direct connection to God (thereby putting them out of business), so neither do the psychiatrists want anyone to have a self-applicable solution to the problems of their own mind and life. If that were possible they would very much become obsolete. Psychiatry really does function as the modern "religion" and the psychiatrists are the High Priests. They wave their hand and declare the heretics - as schizophrenics, psychotics, manic-depressives or ADHDs, and similarly can enforce duress and torture in the from of involuntary commitment, lobotomies, shock treatments and drugs. Just like the priests they will do anything to maintain their position of authority and control over everyone else. And also, just like the Egyptian or medieval priest, their power ultimately rests upon a fabricated belief system, which is based upon very little fact, but in which they have totally convinced the public.

For the structure of psychiatry to exist it is necessary to maintain the charade that they are the "experts", and the "mind is extremely complicated". The moment a sufficient number of people begin to question and clearly see the falsity of their approach, theories, and methods, the entire foundation upon which it is built would collapse. They will fight tooth and nail, using every argument and rationale available, to prevent this from happening. They have much help in this from the drug companies, "professional" societies, various psychiatric and psychological associations, major educational institutions and medical schools (which receive large funding from the same interests), and even government organizations such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CIA.

Psychiatry Is Everywhere

The psychiatric view has completely pervaded modern society. Laws exist at local, state and federal levels based upon their theories. Social services have been indoctrinated into their terminology and methodology. The courts have accepted their flawed nomenclature and methods, and lawyers routinely hire them to supply "professional testimony" in trials. It should be no surprise, knowing this, that civilization isn't advancing at any forward pace. If you judge "civilization" by the number of new gadgets people have, then yes, I guess we are "advancing". But I think a more true and valid index of any civilization would be the degree of humanity its people and groups extend to each other. Other indexes are crime, education, morality, violence and sanity. These are NOT improved in "modern" life and in fact, have worsened.

Things don't "just happen". The "authorities" like to make us all think that life and civilization is simply "evolving" naturally. This isn't true. They would like us all to believe this is true, because then they can't be recognized as the true culprits in society's demise. Everything that happens and every situation that exists has been caused by some person or group. There are no accidents. Crime is increasing because it has been made to increase. Violence, abuse and morality have worsened both in intensity and frequency, because something caused them to worsen. The educational system produces worse products than 50 years ago because this has been caused. Whether it has been intentionally caused is irrelevant. The current accepted theories and practices of modern psychology and psychiatry are a major factor in the actual cause of modern society's failure.

Psychiatrists love their positions of pretended authority and "respect" (what a joke). The drug companies love their degree of control, power and ever-expanding profits. The college and university structure loves its air of "knowledge" and "erudition" (another huge joke). None of them will easily give these up, regardless of truth. In fact, the truth has never mattered to them in the past, and you can be quite sure any modern revelations of truth won't change their positions one iota. If you bother to investigate this further it will become apparent that using the media, and gestapo tactics of such organizations as the FDA, the drug companies and psychiatric industry have purposely created a false picture of reality, have never cared about the "truth", and have energetically gone after, with the intent to shut down, any alternative approach to the subject that threatens their monopoly. Additionally, all governments have embraced the methods of social control developed by psychiatry and "modern" psychology.


Some might say I am being too critical and unfair in my attacks. Sadly, I cannot say these things strongly enough because this is exactly the way it is. There are no legitimate excuses for barbarism, pain and abuse. Miseducation and "I didn't know" are insufficient justifications for the continual harm caused by these groups. The only people on the entire planet deserving of straight jackets, restraints, involuntary commitment, electric shock, lobotomy and powerful mind damaging drugs are the members of the psychiatric profession, drug company executives and biopsychiatric researchers. Possibly the behavioral psychologists (for removing the concept of man's mind from reality), the educational psychologists (for destroying modern education), the CIA mind control experimenters (for ignoring every concept of human decency), and the FDA top honchos (for protecting the drug company and psychiatric interests) also deserve the same fate. Ignorance of the truth cannot excuse raw barbaric actions against one's fellow man. It cannot excuse the continued support of fundamentally false theories about the nature of Man and his mind. It cannot excuse the systematic destruction of society and civilization.

It has been said by various people at various times that modern man has lost his soul. This is true, but it wasn't lost, it was stolen - and then hidden. It won't be given back easily, and not without a fight.

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